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CRESST Sheffield 

I had an opportunity to work with the great team in CRESST to create illustrations for one of their lessons focused on listening skills.


CRESST is a Sheffield-based charity which “empowers young people and the adults who work with them with the skills to resolve conflict constructively”. 


I cooperated with CRESST Programme Director to create images illustrating a short story about an elephant and a snail, aimed at 7- to 9-year-old children. The illustrations will accompany an audio recording and will be developed into a video with subtitles at the bottom. This video will be then used during online lessons. 

Carolyn L., CRESST Programme Director: 

“We are bowled over by the drawings. Natalie has interpreted the pictures beautifully; they are fairly simple as we requested and absolutely suitable for the age group we requested. Natalie has always responded swiftly to requests and sought guidance, clarification and feedback appropriately. We will certainly work with her in the future. It is great to see how she is capable of a variety of styles tailored to different projects.”

Heather M., Author of the story: 

“Amazing, these are stunning! Natalie did such a great job! Definitely worth keeping this contact, she is brilliant. I love the detail - things like the houseplant in the window of the snail home! She did really well with following guidance and also using her own artistic initiative. Thanks so much for this!"

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