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Lógr magazine

I got an opportunity to create full-page editorial illustrations accompanying various articles published in the Czech Lógr literature magazine.


These required me to tackle diverse topics - related to literature, such as reading and 'bookstagramers', symbolism in books, forgotten writers, and many others... 

Natálie made valuable contributions to Lógr magazine through her editorial illustrations. As an empathetic illustrator, she consistently captured the essence of the articles for which the illustrations were created. 


In my role as the editor-in-chief, I would send her a finished article, and within a few days, she would deliver a flawless illustration that we could immediately incorporate. Her approach to the texts was sensitive; she skillfully selected the most crucial elements and portrayed them in her illustrations. These were always well-thought-out ideas. 


I am delighted that we had the opportunity to collaborate with Natalie, as her work consistently proved to be highly beneficial for Lógr.

Jakub P.

Editor-in-chief, Lógr Magazine

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