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Skillshare #0 - What is it?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I discovered Skillshare. I've been super excited about this platform and also really surprised that I haven't heard about it before. I decided to share a bit more in today's post and cover what it is, what you can find there and also give you a chance to try Skillshare Premium for free for 2 months (that's a pretty good deal, right?)! Some of my following posts are also gonna be related to Skillshare classes and what I've learned so I wanted to make sure there is a post explaining what it's about. If you are someone who is interested in illustration, design, photography, video and other creative fields and subjects, Skillshare is for you. It is an online community with thousands of inspiring classes and videos and no matter if you are just in the middle of another creative block or just want to try and learn something new, you will find your new motivation there.

Every now and then I would struggle with the topic of my drawings. There are so many options that it simply becomes a bit overwhelming and I find myself overthinking all the possible ideas rather than being productive and creating new illustrations. During times like this something like Skillshare helps a lot. Search a category you are interested in - Is there anything you have always wanted to learn? Anything you would like to improve? Or just get some new ides and learn more efficient ways and shortcuts for the software you use when you're creating your work?

I have done 5 classes in the past month and I have to say I have learned more than in the past year. How to create beautiful colour palettes and how to use them, how to create proper repeating patterns, how to create mood boards, how to use multiple images as a reference for my illustrations, how to improve drawings of portraits and scenes... By the end of every class you will have created your final project. Every teacher/artist sets a brief and you go step by step with them, using their advice and recommendations to reach the best possible outcome. That means you are not only learning something new but also creating new pieces of work which can then become a part of your portfolio. For me, doing this makes sense and I can't even express how much I've been enjoying it.

If you are interested in trying Skillshare for free for 2 months, use this link, register and enjoy your unlimited access to all the great classes and videos!

If you do sign up, please let me know what you think and if it has been any useful for you and your work! Thanks for reading and have a great day! Natalie <3

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