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I had the opportunity to collaborate with my good friend Honza, the CEO of SVIICKA, to design 12 original illustrated zodiac sign candle labels.


SVIICKA is a company specializing in handcrafted candles made locally in the Czech Republic from 100% soy wax.


Together, we explored various style ideas and made several adjustments before finalizing the designs.


What sets these labels apart is that SVIICKA's customers can personalize their candle labels not only with the zodiac sign illustration but also with their specific date of birth, adding an extra personal touch.

“For our project Sviička (handmade soy candles with zodiac sign labels), we were looking for someone who could depict each zodiac sign individually and delicately to fit the whole concept of the project. 
Natálie managed to do exactly that. Each zodiac sign is unique, and with its delicacy and originality, it perfectly complements our philosophy. Every drawing shows precision and a great sense of detail. She always tried to meet our requirements to the maximum, whilst still maintaining her unique style. 
Thank you for creating such beautiful labels for us! I highly recommend working with you to everyone.”

Jan Š.


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